What is Skin Peeling in The Vagina And How To Get Rid Of it?

What Is Vaginal Peeling?

What is Skin Peeling in The Vagina And How To Get Rid Of it?Skin peeling in the vagina is a very common and uncomfortable condition. Depending on the severity of itching, the discomfort experienced by the person may change, and this may also lead to lowering the quality of daily life. There are many different causes of skin peeling in the vagina and there are also many different solutions. Causes of skin peeling in the vagina, how to prevent this problem and when it is a good idea to see a doctor, you can find all of these and more in this article.

The causes of the vaginal skin peeling

In fact, due to various reasons, we experience skin loss in many parts of our body, and the vagina is one of these areas.

  • One of the most innocent and easily solvable causes of skin peeling in the vagina is to be waxed. When waxing is applied to the vagina, peeling is seen on the vaginal skin.
  • The fabric of the underwear used can also cause skin peeling in the vagina. These underwears, which are generally poorly worn, may lose skin after a period of rubbing in the vagina during daily movements.
  • As problems occur such as rash, peeling, itching on the skin, you may want to apply moisturizer to solve the problem. However, moisturizers should be used in the lips outside the vagina. When the opposite is done, peeling increases on the vagina skin.
  • Skin peeling in the vagina, and itching can also be caused by sexually transmitted diseases or different infections.
  • Vaginal cancer can also cause peeling. You may have vaginal cancer if not only skin peeling but crust and ulcer-like sores appear in the vagina.
  • What you need to consider here is whether there is crusting or not.
  • As we mentioned above, waxing can cause skin peeling, especially if it is newly made. However, not only waxing, careless use of razor for shaving the vagina, or some depilatories also causes skin peeling in the vagina.

Causes of peeling from fungus and why do we get vaginal fungus?

There are worse causes of skin peeling observed in the vagina like fungal diseases. If skin peeling is caused by fungal disease, this problem can have many different causes:

  1. If you have used a strong antibiotic recently, or if you have been using antibiotics for a long time, you may get fungal disease, as the pH balance of the vagina will deteriorate.
  2. Pregnancy is a very difficult period. In this period when the body is sensitive, especially in the last three months of pregnancy, immune system becomes weaker. Low immunity can cause fungal disease in the vagina.
  3. If you have diabetes, the amount of glycogen in your blood, urine, and vaginal secretions increases. This can cause you to have fungal disease.
  4. The hormones you use to increase estrogen in your body can cause a fungal infection.
  5. If you are using a high dose of birth control pill, this makes your vagina open to developing a fungal infection.

How to get rid of vaginal peeling?

Do not let vaginal skin peels affect your mood. Peeling can disappear with a wide range of treatments. While some of these treatments constitute doctor practices, others are methods that we can apply ourselves at home.

Home-made treatments for vaginal peeling disease

Above we talked about the causes of skin peeling in the vagina. Are these problems difficult to solve? Of course not, we have listed the home-made treatment methods for you below.

  • If the peelings are caused by waxing, the brand of wax which is used can be changed, or after waxing moisturizer can be applied to the vagina lips immediately after waxing, to prevent vaginal skin peeling.
  • If the products that contain various chemicals and perfumes are used much which are sold under the name of “vaginal cleaning product”, the best treatmen will be the cut of these products usage.
  • It is very important to pay attention to the cleanliness of your underwear. Skin peeling may occur on the skin when using poor quality detergent or if you are allergic to a substance in the detergent. So find the most suitable detergent for you and then use it.
  • Sometimes the use of natural herbs or consumption of probiotic foods may be good for skin peeling in the vagina. Baking soda, garlic, thyme, apple cider vinegar are some of these products. These methods that ensure the balance of bacteria in the skin are very effective against skin peeling caused by infection.
  • Water-based, chemical-free, and natural lubricants provide comfort during sexual intercourse. So it prevents skin peeling in the vagina.

Medical treatments for vaginal peeling disease

The methods you will use in your home have not yielded results and you have gone to the doctor. So how can the doctor apply you treatment methods? In this part of our article, we are talking about some medical treatments that you may be exposed to.

  • If the skin peeling in the vagina is due to the fungus, you should see a doctor. Depending on the severity of the fungal disease, the doctor offers you the treatments such as vaginal cream, vaginal fungus pill, or some suppository.
  • Moisturizers that are recommended by a doctor can be used for the lips of vagina.
  • If you have vaginal cancer, there are some treatments include radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgical methods and hormone therapy. In addition, crusting and peeling caused by cancer is also improved with the cream recommended by your doctor.

How do you know when it’s time to see a doctor

As we mentioned in the previous section of our article about skin peeling in the vagina, there are many different treatment methods. This vaginal skin peeling may be solved when you try the methods that you can apply to yourself at home. However, if skin peeling continues and also other problems such as crusting are added to this problem, a doctor should be seen. In some more dangerous situations, this vaginal skin peeling may be accompanied by problems such as burning and bleeding. In this case, going to the hospital and having an analysis will be the best solution.

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