Skin Peeling On Face Causes And Treatment

Skin Peeling On Face Causes And TreatmentSkin is one of the most sensitive structures of our body. Our skin consists of three layers such as epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue-panniculus. Skin thickness varies according to different parts of the body. Our face is one of the sensitive part of our body. The most sensitive part on the skin is the epidermis layer. The epidermis layer is open to all external influences. This causes many problems such as itching, redness, acne and peeling to occur here. In this article we will deal with skin peeling on face.

Our face is exposed to cold in winter and hot in summer, and it may take a long time for a problem to occur on the face. Also, the most common part of skin peeling is the face. In addition, this situation can be seen more in women than in men. Because women’s skin is a more oily skin. More oily skin causes more frequent skin renewal. So, skin peeling on face is very common in the women. Also skin peeling on the face usually occurs as a result of skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis on dry skin. There are many other reasons this problem.

Causes of skin peeling on face

Skin peeling on face is a very common problem in too many people. Below are some of the reasons for this problem:

  • Too much sunlight

Exposure to excessive sunlight will damage the epidermis layer. This causes peeling after a while.

  • Choosing not natural face cleanser

Keeping the skin clean is important for everyone. A wide variety of facial cleansing products are used for this. However, excessive use of these products unconsciously harms the face. If too much soap or facial cleanser is used, this can irritate the skin and cause skin peeling on face.

  • Using not clean towel

After washing the face, it is usually dried with a towel. If the used towel is not clean and has been used for a long time, this may cause peeling on the face.

  • Seasional transitions

Too hot or too cold weather is quite harmful for the face. Air exchange causes the deterioration of the moisture balance of the face. This harms the skin. Especially during the seasonal transitions, skin sensitivity increases. This can cause redness of the face and peeling skin of the face.

  • Sleeping with the make-up

Many people love to make up, but makeup applied to the face prevents the skin from breathe. For this reason, make-up applied during the day must be cleaned before going to sleep. If the make-up remnants on the face are not cleaned properly, this will cause allergic problems and skin peeling after a while.

  • Weakining of the immune system

Weakening of the immune system causes many problems in the face skin. One of these problems is that skin renewal time is reduced and skin peeling on face is observed.

  • Some medicines

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy medicines can cause skin peeling.

  • Some vitamins

Consuming too much vitamin A is one of the causes of skin peeling on face.

Solutions that you can apply at home

If you are having skin peeling problem on your face, there are many solutions that will help you get rid of this problem without getting a medical treatment. First of all, the peeled place of the face should not be handled too much. It is also not a good idea to wear makeup to hide peeling skin. Because make-up will increase the peeling on the skin, and also peeling can be seen from the outside despite the make-up. Which product you use as a cleanser is also very important for the face skin.

While the face is peeling, it will be more sensitive than normal times. Therefore, odorless cleaners and natural soaps should be preferred during this period. A healthy skin means skin with enough moisture. For this reason, you should definitely apply a moisturizing cream after applying cleansing foam or soap on your skin. Thus, skin peeling on face can be reduced.

We have mentioned that your skin is very sensitive in this period. Therefore, you should be careful that even the towel you will use to dry your face is soft. Hard towels can increase peeling. The best solution is to use paper towels.

Do Not Shower With Very Hot Water

During this period, very hot water should not be preferred while taking a shower. Long lasting showers that include hot water increase peeling more. The hot water vapor in the shower helps open the pores of your face, but this also causes your skin to dry out. Aloe vera is a plant that is very good for skin peeling on face. If you have aloe vera plant in your home, you can apply the extract from aloe vera leaf to your face on a regular basis. You should increase the daily water consumption, and also you can try not to scratch, even if your face itches.

How do you know when it’s time to see a doctor

The cause of your skin peeling is allergy or sunburn, peeling should end within a maximum of seven days. If these are the reasons and the peeling lasted more than seven days, it is useful to see the dermatologist. If the skin peeling on face is not caused by allergies or sunburn and you have tried all or most of the above-mentioned solutions, but if you still do not get results, you should consult a doctor. In addition, if there are the signs such as fever, chills, nausea and dizziness along with skin peeling in the case of sunburn and allergies, you should immediately see a doctor.

Often, skin peeling on face is a problem that does not cause larger problems, occurs through environmental factors and passes in a short time. If the skin peeling continues to recur, it may be considered to be a chronic skin problem. If you have such recurrent symptoms, you should consult this issue with a dermotologist.

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